Courses for the Major in Cinema and Media Studies

1. Film Form (3 credits)

ENGL 245/FILM 245 Film Form and Culture (Fulfills Gen Ed req. for Humanities)
Or SLLC 283/FILM 283: Introduction to Cinema Studies


2. Film History and Theory Foundation (6 credits)

(Prerequisite for both courses: ENGL 245/FILM 245 or SLLC 283/FILM 283.)
FILM 301 Cinema History I: The Silent Era
FILM 302 Cinema History II: The Sound Era

3. Film Criticism Core Requirement (18 credits)

Distributed as follows:

A. Film Theories (3 credits)
FILM 369 Special Topics in Film Theories
CMLT 498L/ENGL 329C Selected Topics in Comparative Studies: Sexuality in the Cinema
HIST 419F Special Topics in History: Cinema and Colonialism
FILM 361/SLLC 361 Cinema and Globalization*
FILM 362/SLLC 362 Vision, Visuality, and the Gaze in Film*
FILM 461/SLLC 461 Political Cinema*
FILM 463/SLLC 463 Screening Time: History and Memory in Cinema*

B. Genres/Auteurs/Movements (6 credits)
FILM 359 Special Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements
ARAB 341/FILM 341 Filming War Zones: Representations of Wars in Iraq and Chechnya
ARTH 489 Special Topics in Art History
Content varies: must be approved by Film major adviser.
CMLT 498N/ENGL 329A Selected Topics in Comparative Studies: Cinema of Liberation
ENGL 329 Special Topics in Literature: Auteurs and Poseurs: Film and the Concept of Authorship*
ENGL 468A Power, Masculinity, and Authorship in the Gangster Film*
FILM 345/ENGL 329 The Films of Alfred Hitchcock*
FILM 346/ENGL 329 The Films of Billy Wilder*
FILM 451/ENGL 468 Film Noir and American Culture*
FILM 452/ENGL 468 Origins of Cinema
HIST 304/FILM 352 The “Baddest” Decade: The 1970s in American Film and American History
HIST 408 Senior Seminar: Immigration and Cinema in the 20th Century
ITAL 336/FILM 441 Italian Cinema I: Neorealism (In Translation)
ITAL 499A Special Topics in Italian Studies: Comedy in Italian Cinema
SLLC 342/FILM 342 Film Comedy*
SLLC 343/FILM 343 Hollywood Genres after 1970*
SLLC 344/FILM 344: The Fantastic in Cinema and Media*



C. National and International Cinemas (6 credits)
FILM 329 Special Topics in National/International Cinemas
AMST 498G/USLT498A Special Topics in American Studies: Latinas/os on the Silver Screen
ARTH 488 Colloquium in Art History
ARTH 484/FILM 426: Chinese Film and Visual Culture
ENGL 329 US Latino/a Film
ENGL 329 Shakespeare on Film
ENGL 468F/CMLT498F Selected Topics in Film Studies: The Americas in Film
FREN 480/FILM 420 French Cinema: A Cultural Approach
FREN 421/FILM 421 Francophone African Film
FREN 423/FILM 423 Women and French Cinema (in French)
GERM 331/FILM 331 Kafka and Film: The Uncanny in Literature and Film
HEBR 430/FILM 430 Critical Issues in Israeli Cinema
HIST 408P/FILM 429 Senior Seminar: Writing the History of American Film
HIST 419E Special Topics in History: History through Cinema: The US 1930s to 1960
ITAL 473/FILM 431 Italian Cinema II: The New Generation of Film-makers in Translation.
ITAL 433/JWST 419R/FILM 433 Holocaust in Italian Literature and Cinema
PORT 332/FILM 332 Brazilian Cinema
RUSS 334/FILM 334 Soviet Film: Propaganda, Myth, Modernism
RUSS 336/FILM 336 Soviet Cinema and Empire
SLLC 335/FILM 335 The Arab-Israeli Conflict through Film
SPAN 427/FILM 427 Fictions and Visions from Spain (in Spanish)

D. Documentary, Animation, Experimental Cinema, and Other Visual Media (3 credits)
FILM 319 Special Topics in Documentary, Animation, Experimental Cinema, and Other Visual Media
FILM 311/ENGL 329 Documentary*
FILM 412/ENGL 468C Animation*
SLLC 410/FILM 410 Documentary and Narrative*
SLLC 411/FILM 411 Experimental Film*

4. Film Electives (12 credits)

Guidelines: two Electives should be chosen from the Film Criticism category (section 3 above) under any rubric, and two in the Electives category (section 4); however, up to four courses may be taken from the Electives category (section 4) in consultation with the Adviser and in order to create a coherent emphasis. Up to two courses may be taken at the 200-level. One must be taken at the 400-level. Please consult the full list of courses accepted for the Major.

A. Courses that include a major film component (200-400 level)
ARAB499C Special Topics in Arabic Studies: Sexuality and Gender in Arabic Literature and Film
ANTH 366 Film Images of Native Americans
ANTH 418D/LASC448Q Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: The Amazon through Film
ARTH 359 Film as Art
CMLT 298N American Indians in Literature and Film: Perspectives North and South
ENGL 329B Special Topics in Film Studies: English Literature on Film in the 21st Century
ENGL 359D Special Topics in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literatures: Queer Adaptations in Fiction, Film, and TV (McClure)
ENGL 359F/LGBT 327 Special Topics in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literatures: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Film and Video
ENGL 368D Special Topics in the Literature of Africa and the African Diaspora: African American Folklore in Film and Literature
ENGL 379C Literature and Film of the Civil Rights Movement
ENGL 479A Selected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800: Anglophone Literature and Film of the South Asian Diaspora
ENGL 479E Selected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800: Global Literature, Film, and the Environment
GERM 320 Survey of German Studies (in German)
HIST 289I Looking at America through a Global Lens (I-course)
HIST 319L Special Topics in History: Korean Nationalism in Literature, Film, and History
HIST 329B Special Topics in History: The Korean War on Film
HIST 329J Special Topics in History: African American History through Film and Photography
HIST 329W Special Topics in History: African Americans and the Movies, 1890s-1990s
HIST 419M Special Topics in History: Postwar Japan through Film and Fiction
KORA 320 Cinema and Society in Contemporary South Korea
PERS 353 Iranian Life in Literature and Film
SPAN 408B Contemporary Peninsular Literature and Film (in Spanish)
SPAN 408F Comedy and Humor in Spanish Literature, Film, and Culture (in Spanish)
SPAN 408M The Spanish Civil War and its Aftermath: Republic, War, Exile, Dictatorship, and Memory (in Spanish)
WMST 298E /WMST 498 Special Topics in Women's Studies: Women and Film


B. 200-level film courses and 200-400 level film courses with a concentration on culture/language
ARAB 251 Images of Women in Arabic Cinema
ARAB 499E Special Topics in Arabic Studies: Modernity and Chronology of Modern Egypt in Cinema (in Arabic)
CHIN 418C Special Topics in Contemporary Chinese Fiction and Film: The Most Recent Chinese Fiction and Films (in Chinese)
CMLT 280 Film Art in a Global Society
FREN 243 Masterpieces in French and Francophone Cinemas
GERM 285 German Film and Literature
JAPN 298A Modern Japanese Fiction and Film
PERS 283 Iranian Cinema

C. Courses in Related Fields

Students may take up to two courses in related fields such as History, Art History, Photography, Literature, Philosophy, Theater, Women’s Studies, Classics, Government and Political Science, and Physics, in consultation with the Advisor. These courses should fit into a coherent emphasis. Examples are listed below. An updated list of courses is on our website. Courses not listed may be taken with the approval of the Film Studies Advisor and the approval of the department offering the course.

Note 1: Honors College students who are pursuing the BA in Film Studies may request permission to count an HONR seminar that includes a film component both toward an Honors Citation and the Film Studies Elective requirement.

Note 2: Digital Cultures and Creativity students pursuing the BA in Film Studies may request permission to count an HDCC course both for the HDCC Citation and as a Film Studies elective.

AMST 202 Cultures of Everyday Life in America
AMST 203 Popular Culture in America
AMST 204 Film and Culture of the Cold War, 1945-2001
AMST 418 Cultural Themes in America (Depending on content)
AMST 429 Perspectives on Popular Culture (Depending on content)
ARTH 350 Twentieth-Century Art to 1945
ARTH 351 Art since 1945
ARTH 357 History of Photography
ARTH 456 Photography since WWII
ARTH 465 The Landscape in Modern and Contemporary Art
ARTT 489W Advanced Special Topics in Art: Critical Theory of New Media
ENGL 488F Topics in Advanced Writing: Visual Rhetoric
PHIL 230 Philosophy of the Arts
PHIL 431: Aesthetic Theory
THET 408G Seminar: Theory and Performance Studies: The Color of Sex: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Performance
THET 289I/ANTH 298I Subversive Culture
WMST 250 Introduction to Women's Studies: Women, Art and Culture