Spring 2011 Graduate Film Courses


AMST628M Seminar in American Studies: Social Activism and New Media; (3 credits)

0101(01233) S. Parks
M......... 4:00pm- 6:30pm (HZF 1108)


FREN699I Seminar: The Image in 20th Century French Thought; (3 credits)
Taught in English.

0101(36926) L. Arsenjuk
Th........ 4:00pm- 6:30pm (HBK 0302J)


MUET679F Seminar in Ethnomusicology: Music & Film; (3 credits)

0101(53538) J. Witzleben
Th........ 3:30pm- 6:00pm (PAC 3110A)


SLLC698C/CMLT788C/HIST819E (PermReq) Practicum in Comparative Studies: Crime and Cinema; (1 credit)

0101(69819) E. Papazian
Class meets on Fridays from 2:00-4:00pm on the following dates: February 10, March 2, March 16, and April 27


JOUR660 (PermReq) Seminar in Broadcast News; (3 credits)
Credit will be granted for only one of the following: JOUR 660 or JOUR 760. Formerly JOUR760.
Descriptive and critical analysis of broadcast news; methods of evaluation of news judgments; decision-making and organizational aspects of the broadcast news industry.

0101(47316) STAFF
Tu........12:00pm- 1:50pm (KNI 2105)
Th........12:00pm-12:50pm (KNI 2105)

0201(47317) STAFF

Tu........ 3:30pm- 5:20pm (KNI 2105)
Th........ 3:30pm- 4:20pm (KNI 2105)

JOUR661 (PermReq) Television Reporting and Production; (3 credits)
Prerequisite: JOUR 503 or equivalent. For JOUR majors only. Reporting, writing, editing and production of broadcast news.

0101(47327) S. Heist and C. Clayton
M.........12:00pm- 2:45pm (KNI 3210)
W......... 5:00pm- 6:00pm (KNI 2107) Dis

JOUR663 (PermReq) Long Form Broadcast Journalism; (3 credits)
Prerequisite: JOUR503 or equivalent. Also offered as JOUR363. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: JOUR363, JOUR486 or JOUR663. Formerly JOUR486. Productions of long form broadcast news reporting, reality videos or documentaries.

0101(47337) S. Heist
M......... 3:00pm- 5:45pm (KNI 3210)
Time and room to be arranged Lab

JOUR668B (PermReq) Topics in Broadcasting and Electronic Media: Broadcast Producing; (3 credits)

0103(47357) C. Wright
Tu........ 7:00pm- 9:00pm (KNI 2107)
W......... 2:00pm- 7:00pm (TWS 0117) Lab

JOUR689M News Coverage of Specialized Topics: Mobile Journalism; (3 credits)
Restricted to students in the Journalism Certificate program. Click here for more information.

PC01(47367) R. Yaros
Sa........ 8:00am-12:30pm (KNI 2105)